Standard Services

Internationally or domestically, by air, sea, or land, whether complex or simple, Freight Forwarders, Inc. is ready to help you with all of your shipping needs.

International Freight Forwarding

International freight is normally shipped by air or by sea - and Freight Forwarders' contacts with airlines, ocean shipping companies, and international agencies will help your shipment arrive on time, with a minimum of paperwork and delays. We are proficient at helping you prepare necessary export documents, including Consularization and Letters of Credit, and will work to ensure that your international shipment is delivered safely.

Domestic Freight Forwarding

Trucks, trains, and aircraft provide the backbone for domestic shipping, and were experts in each method. We can help you choose the method best suited to your needs and ensure that your shipment is picked up and delivered on time.

We do want to note that, though road-based shipping continues to be one of the most popular and efficient freight movement methods, new DOT regulations have reduced the amount of time each driver can spend on the road at one stretch. Because drivers are now restricted to a maximum of 14 hours on duty - with only 11 hours driving - transit times have necessarily increased to allow for required resting periods. The new regulations have also redefined the beginning of a driver's time on duty to include time he might spend at the origin site waiting for his truck to be loaded as well as fuel and food stops. As a result, deliveries which were previously completed in two days may take three or four days in future.

Rate Quotes

If you are considering a shipment and want to see how our rates compare with others, Freight Forwarders, Inc. can provide you with a quote in just a few hours. Simply provide us with the weight and dimensions of your cargo, the addresses for origin and destination, container equipment and quantities required, your preferred method of transport, and the level of service you require. Quotes will be honored for 30 days unless otherwise specified.