Special Services

Freight Forwarders, Inc, provides several special services to better serve the various freight transportation needs of our client.

Consularization of Commercial Documents

When shipping goods internationally, it can be important to obtain a consular invoice from the US-based consul or embassy of the destination country. A consular invoice will help verify quantity, value, and nature of the shipped goods throughout the shipping process and upon arrival, helping to expedite the shipment through customs and avoid delays in delivery. Freight Forwarders, Inc. has the experience to know when consularization is required and to complete the process expeditiously.

Letter of Credit Document Preparation and Banking

International trade can be precarious. Not only are sellers shipping goods out of their own countries while navigating various international laws, it can be difficult to ensure that payment will be made in full once the goods are received. Letters of credit can help alleviate seller's concerns. A letter of credit obtained by the buyer provides a promise that, if specified delivery conditions are met, the purchase price will be guaranteed by the bank that provided the letter of credit. Freight Forwarders can help you to obtain and evaluate letters of credit when shipping or receiving internationally.

Personal Automobiles and Personal Effects

Moving an individual or family internationally is somewhat more complicated than moving across the state or even across the country. Not only must you decide what to take and what to buy in the new location but you must navigate international shipping for the items you cannot part with. Freight Forwarders has the experience you need to help you relocate yourself, your family, and all your essential possessions to your new home overseas.

Heavy Rail and Heavy Haul

Companies shipping heavier-than-normal items or cargo by rail or by road can experience different kinds of restrictions and challenges. At Freight Forwarders, we can help you decide the best shipping method and find the cheapest rates to get your load from point A to point B.

Project Logistics

Some cargo requires special care, has unique concerns, and may involve pick-up or delivery instructions that are out of the ordinary. Freight Forwarders can help plan any shipping project, no matter how complicated.

For all your domestic or international shipping needs, contact Freight Forwarders, Inc. today for a rate quote.