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At Freight Forwarders, Inc, we take pride in helping our clients move their freight from point A to point B safely, with a minimum of delay and expense. We are transportation experts with significant contacts in all major transportation industries. Because of our expertise, we can help our clients decide which transportation method will work best for them.

Air Freight is generally the fastest transportation method available for long-distance freight movement. The airline industry has become expert at building and maintaining safe flight schedules - and at quickly compensating when flights are delayed. Whether your freight needs to be delivered within the country or across the world, air freight is a fast and reliable option.

Ocean Freight technology has experienced significant advances over the years, to the point that it's possible to move freight across the ocean in a little over a week. Ocean freight is also a fuel efficient and environmentally sound option that has a minimal carbon footprint. When your freight doesn't need to arrive right away - and especially when a transportation delay is ideal - ocean freight can be a less expensive option than air freight.

Trucking is currently the most popular mode of freight transportation within the country, with roughly 70 percent of all freight traveling over the road to reach its destination. Even when other modes of freight transportation are used, trucks are still usually needed to take the freight on the final leg of the journey - from the airport, dock, or railroad station to its final destination. Though truck drivers are restricted in the numbers of hours they can drive without taking a break, trucks as a whole aren't as much a slave to schedules as other modes of transportation, making trucking a more flexible option in scheduling.

Rail freight is considered by some to be the transportation method of the future. It's more than three times more fuel efficient than trucking, so it can be a less expensive option for over-the-ground freight transportation. The infrastructure of the railroads, additionally, is usually financed by private individuals, leading to greater industry control and often higher standards than government-maintained roadways.

Whatever your freight transportation needs or preferences, Freight Forwarders, Inc., is ready to help you choose the best option for you. Contact us today to receive a rate quote.