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Freight Forwarders, Inc. provides a variety of services designed to help our clients with all their various goods transportation needs. Whether your shipment is big or small, domestic or international, standard or requiring special shipping, we can meet your shipment needs, arrange for needed documentation, and otherwise help arrange for anything your shipment needs to arrive safely.

Hand Carries: If your merchandise requires a dedicated courier, we can ensure that it is hand carried to its destination.

Letter of Credit of Coordination: For international shipments, we can help prepare, negotiate, and acquire banking support for Letters of Credit.

Export Documentation: We can help prepare all required export documentation including but not limited to:

  • Bills of Lading detailing the merchandise and giving title to the buyer
  • Commercial Invoices which act as customs declarations at international borders
  • Packing Lists that inform all interested parties of the contents of the shipment
  • Certificates of Origin attesting that goods within the shipment were wholly obtained, produced, manufactured, or processed in a particular country

Consularization: We'll help prepare consular documents and arrange legalization of your shipment according to international law.

Inspections: We'll arrange for pre-shipment inspections to provide assurance to the destination buyers.

Special Handling: For dangerous goods, perishables, and temperature sensitive shipments, we provide the highest level of care according to our clients' most exacting specifications.

Logistics process review: We'll ensure that your shipment is tracked and that each leg of the journey runs as efficiently as possible.

Door to Door Service: We'll arrange to have your shipment picked up at your business or other facility and delivered directly to the specified destination.

Payment Consolidation: In order to minimize invoices, we will arrange to consolidate third party vendor billing with our own.

If you have a shipment need, Freight Forwarders, Inc. can meet it. Contact us today for a rate quote.

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